Chris Morton Guitar Community
Chris Morton Guitar Community
Chris Morton

Welcome to the Chris Morton Guitar Community

Challenges & discussions with fellow guitar students on learning, playing, and writing music.

About Me

Hi, I’m Chris. I’m a guitar teacher and musician living in Leeds, UK.

I’m passionate about helping people break out of a practice rut, so they can play the songs they love, and create music of their own.

In 2001, my dad bought me a guitar at a car boot sale. 20 years later, after playing in countless bands & projects, and 7 years as a full-time guitar teacher, I'm sharing what I've learned.

Why You Should Join Me

I believe community is a key ingredient to making real progress when learning an instrument. I created this space so my students can connect with & perform for each other.

Meet fellow guitar players near you, share your music for feedback, get help when you're stuck, and learn what's working for others.

Join our monthly meet-up where we learn a song a month, and share it with the group. You can perform live, or record it before we go online.

A Big Thanks

Thanks for helping us on our mission to get people playing more guitar!